Marc Hughes Illustrations Copyright © 2015  All rights reserved.

Marc Hughes Illustrations Copyright © 2015  All rights reserved<span id="siteseal"><script async type="text/javascript" src=""></script></span><span id="cdSiteSeal1"><script type="text/javascript" src="//;cdSealType=Seal1&amp;sealId=55e4ye7y7mb733cadbc852fadf3fdnj5ux1y7mb7355e4ye734254446d20f5524"></script></span>.

Welcome to the creative drawings of Marc Hughes Illustrations

These eye-catching cartoons are what you need to tell your story!  They are simple and colorful, ethnic and diverse, fun and sometimes serious. 

The jobs I've attracted through the years have adorned many areas of the art and advertising worlds:  Drawings and icons for websites, Instructional and Educational illustrations, Logos, T-shirt designs, Activity books, Children's books, Posters, Coloring books, Sports Mascot promotional material, and, yes, even Caricatures. Let me say that again: CARICATURES.  I've even illustrated for a movie documentary hopefully coming out soon! 

The Burlington, Vermont area, and surrounding counties, (as well as across the nation), have all relished my hand-drawn or Photoshop-produced creative creations, (say that 3 times fast).  I hope you will enjoy them, too. 
Thank you and have fun observing my plethora of possibilities!