Caricatures have been a large part of my work since drawing for a gift catalog 28 years ago, and drawing people out on the street 20 years ago.  My style is my own because I basically used my cartoon skills to replicate the photograph, (in the early days), in front of me.  When I slowly got better with speed, (and less pencil mistakes), I dared myself to draw people in front of me, using only a Sharpie.  Since then I have worked at many Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, special events and birthday parties.  I have also used many caricature images in many business ventures.  They are a handy visual.

Caricatures and Slide Show!

Caricature cartoons for fun,business,story telling, advertising,logos, and display. Simple, eye catching cartoon slide show.

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Marc Hughes Illustrations Copyright © 2015  All rights reserved.