This page is dedicated to new jobs that I'm working on or have just completed, as well as a few more past samples.  

​     Chez Pierre Restaurant is in Gansevoort, New York.  Inside was a mural the owners wanted me to transform into a vivid, cartoon visual. I had a website photo to go by, so whatever I couldn't fully see I made up. I changed the bottom one to sepia to give it an old photo feeling. 

To the bottom right of the page is the creation of "NED", a character designed to represent the sticker-making company "Websticker".  Ned was to be this person spreading wonderful comments and sayings found on stickers. From eventual trial and error, what evolved was a monk-like character who happily travels the globe spreading the "good word" on stickers.

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Marc Hughes Illustrations Copyright © 2015  All rights reserved.

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